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Bologna Tattoo Convention 8/9/10 April 2016!

22 Jan 2016 / in Uncategorized

It is my great pleasure to announce that I will be working at the Bologna tattoo convention! Thank you Marco and Genziana ! This is where my journey started in 1997 meeting my ex master first time to talk about the start of my bodysuit. 

London Tattoo Convention 23/24/25 Sept. 2016!

22 Jan 2016 / in Uncategorized

I am happy and proud to attend the London Tattoo Convention 2016! Thank you Miki!

Athens Tattoo Convention 13/14/15 May 2016!

22 Jan 2016 / in Uncategorized

I m happy and proud to be attending the Athens Tattoo Convention 2016 for their 10th anniversary! Great to come back! Thank you Mike!

Paris Tattoo Convention 4/5/6 March 2016!

22 Jan 2016 / in Uncategorized

I m happy and proud to be part of the Paris Tattoo Convention in March 2016. See you all there! Thank you Tin-Tin!  

Love must prevail.

05 Dec 2015 / in Uncategorized

Here is to a new name and new beginnings! I wish everyone the best of luck in their lives. I m sorry it had to get this far, I’m sure its mutual. In a already conflict ridden world, love must prevail. To make it very clear my decision to remove all negativity from my public [...]

Pino Cafaro and Matti Sedholm Horimatsu will be working at my office 23-25. of Sept.2014

10 Sep 2014 / in Uncategorized

They will be with me the week before the London Tattoo Convention 2014. Pino is fully booked. Matti still has 2 appointments free. Write an email to horikitsune@gmail.com in case you’re interested.

I will be working at the Barcelona Tattoo Convention on the 3.4.5. of October 2014!

10 Sep 2014 / in Uncategorized

I still have appointments available in Barcelona. Write an email if you re interested in getting a tattoo. horikitsune@gmail.com See you there!  

I will be working at the London Tattoo convention this September 2014.

10 Sep 2014 / in Uncategorized

I ll be working the London Tattoo Convention 26.27.28. September 2014. I m fully booked i m afraid. See you there! Come by the booth!  

Pre order the Mick of Zurich book now on our ks website!

10 Sep 2014 / in Uncategorized

To preorder click here! The Mick of Zurich book is now at the printers and will be released at the 10th anniversary London Tattoo Convention this September 26.27.28. at the TABACCO DOCKS. You can pre order now or come to our booth at the Convention where Mick is signing the books personally! CLICK HERE TO [...]

Unfortunatly i wont go to Cyprus!

21 May 2014 / in Uncategorized

Due to personal issues i wont be able to attend this years Cyprus tattoo convention in June. I m very sorry for any inconvenience caused!! Thank you.