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Watch this awesome interview with my friend HENNING JORGENSEN.

01 Jan 2013 / in Uncategorized

Watch my good friend and one of my biggest inspirations the legendary Henning Jorgensen from Royal Tattoo Denmark, in this fantastic interview held by the awesome Scott Sylvia for LAST SPARROW TATTOO in oct. 2012 in SAN FRANCISCO.


14 Dec 2012 / in Uncategorized

You can order your Sang Bleu copy by writing to info @ sangbleu . com  Maxime did a really amazing job with this issue and its a highly limited edition this time. But most importantly there is an article on me in there 🙂 I hope you enjoy!

Tattoo Age visits the legend Lal Hardy!!

09 Dec 2012 / in Uncategorized

Check this out! Vargas visits Hardy.. nice followup of  TAttoo Age.. They should make one on LAL Hardy himself… a 4 hour one no problem!! I love that man!

Support the Amsterdam Tattoo Museum!!!!

05 Dec 2012 / in Uncategorized

My friend Hanky-Panky is having difficulties with his Amsterdam Tattoo Museum… its his lifes project which he dedicated to all of us. You can do a lot to help.. donating money is one very effective way…you can help by spreading the word, donate artwork or join the Blue Bone society. For more information please look […]

New Interview Video out on Vimeo by Luke from TAM..

30 Nov 2012 / in Uncategorized

Luke Holley of the Tattoo Artist Magazine did a great job on these interviews he did at the London Tattoo Convention 2012. Here is mine. Thank you Luke and TAM!

Excellent report on Zen from 1977.

01 Nov 2012 / in Uncategorized

watch here…

Horimatsu will be at the Milano tattoo convention 8. 9. 10th of Feb 2013 for our book launch!

30 Oct 2012 / in Uncategorized

Unfortunatly I wont be able to make to Milano next year for the first time in nearly a decade 🙁 I m sure my friend and business partner will handle it just fine to bring to you our newest publication of the OSEN book.. Go to our Kofuu-Senju Publications booth to pick up your copy […]

I ll be working at the Paris Tattoo Convention march 2013!!

26 Oct 2012 / in Uncategorized

I am very honoured to have been invited to work at the legendary Paris Tattoo Convention in March 2013. Thank you TIN-TIN!!

Super amazing collaboration vid of the legends Thomas Hooper and Chris O’Donnell..

26 Oct 2012 / in Uncategorized

Watch my friends Tom and Chris working on a back piece together! Its amazing!

New Gypsy Gentleman episode 5 is out..

26 Oct 2012 / in Uncategorized

The newest episode of Markus Kuhn’s Gypsy Gentleman is out.. This is the London one..