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Wie man oberflächliche, örtliche Betäubungscreme benutzt:

For bigger pieces and or very painful areas of your tattoo you can use helpers like numbing creams. Note that I do not believe in the use of them for small pieces or areas on the arms or legs. The torso and buttox area can be very painful and one could consider using them to get over extremely painful stretches.

There is an array of these creams on the market and most of them are pretty useless.

I know of two good ones which are similar and they should be used like this:

Wichtig: Die Benutzung des Gels ist auf eigene Gefahr!

Nothing unusual or bad has been reported so far, I just want to make sure you understand that I cannot take responsibility for the use or miss-use of these products.

One of the products comes is different sizes. With the 25gram pot you can ease the pain on about 2 large size tattoos or quarter of a back piece start to finish, with the 50 gram pot you can start and finish about half the size of a back piece and with the 100 gram pot you can finish about an average size back-piece. This means you can use the gel for as many sessions as you need to finish a tattoo area of the size stated. Some people use way to much gel each time. Make sure its an evenly spread see through but still a little white film. It does not have to be 5mm thick!

Instructions come with each pot. It should give you 1,5 to 2,5 hours of pain-free tattooing when applied correctly depending on skin type.

Like all numbing agents its toxic when swallowed so please keep away from children at all times and keep in a SAFE place inside the fridge!

It’s a Tetracain gel, not Lidocain. You need to stir it first then apply it 2 hours before your tattoo session under cling film and airtight. Whoever takes it off needs to rub it off thoroughly before you get tattooed. Its best if the artist does it before he starts. He can take it off area by area as well. The cream shouldn’t be on your skin much longer than 2- 2½ hours otherwise the effect might reverse. It’s safe to use, especially if you follow the instructions carefully. Don’t have it go into your bloodstream. So you cannot use it on already tattooed or opened skin areas!

Benutze das Produkt nicht wenn du gegen die Inhaltsstoffe allergisch bist.

Wenn du Interesse an dem Produkt hast, oder noch Fragen, dann melde dich bei uns, wir koennen dich beraten.

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