Some of Alex KŌSEI 狐聖 Reinke aka Horikitsune artwork is for sale.

In 2021 Alex opened his very own private Pottery lab with two big ovens, a turntable and a sprayglaze chamber. All to create unique, high quality, traditional, Japanese, Raku Vases. He first learned this in 1992-93 when in Highschool in the USA. He picked this up again in 2018, when he met Raku master of 35 years, Roberto Pompucci of the Ceramico Pompucci Lab in Pesaro Italy. Thanks to him Alex is back on track with this tradition and his unique vases are now available here in the shop.

Original drawings and paintings are also available. If it is not an original piece, it will be a high quality, limited edition, hand embellished, signed and numbered print.

He can also be hired for freelance design jobs, like the one for the Miss KO restaurant in Paris.

The Artwork is available here: Bigcartel. 

Thank you for your support!

Here a few examples of his artistic work: