How to take care of your tattoo:

Note this is only one possible way of how to take care of your tattoo and we believe it is the best way!

First of all never scratch, pick, or hit on your tattoo. Don’t rub dirt into it neither, or let an animal lick it! We have seen it all!

Sun is very bad during the healing process and bad for tattoos in general, due to its laser like qualities. Therefore do not go to the beach, a Sun-bed, a Sauna, or into the ocean or swimming pool during healing time!

NOTE: Heavily tattooed skin does not make the same amount of Vitamin D3! You will have to take suppliments for this for the rest of your life if you have a full bodysuit! Also take it if you don’t go out into the sunlight for at least an hour a day and that pretty much naked! In short everyone should take D3 suppliments.

No Sports for at least 5-7 days! The movements and too much sweating is not the best.

Don’t wear too tight clothes or clothing that looses fabric, like wool, directly on top of the fresh tattoo. No synthetic clothes either! Only black 100% cotton long sleeve shirts or T-shirts and maybe even long underwear for leg tattoos. All 100% natural cotton.

Normal healing time takes anything between 4-14 days and should not produce a thick scab but a thin layer of skin that rolls off during the healing process like a minor sunburn. Excess colour will roll of with it. Line-work doesn’t necessarily have to be wrapped by the way. Shading and colour is more difficult and important to take care of.

After getting your new tattoo take off the cling-film when home.- Wash your hands.- Wash your tattoo with clean hands, warm water and normal shower-gel. Showers are absolutely fine and even a must.- The more you wash it the better, but do not wash more than 4 times a day.- Tap it dry with a clean towel.- If time at hand, leave it open a while to breathe and dry out a bit more.- Apply antiseptic cream like Bepanthen or other tattoo care cream. Something with Dexpanthenol as ingredient is best. Apply not too thick and not too thin!- For the first 2-3 days apply fresh cling-film again after the wash and always leave on for 12 hour periods – of course with the cream under it. Repeat the washing ritual! Washing your tattoo is the most important thing. It helps the skin renew itself. The cling-film hinders the skin from getting stuck to clothing or bed-sheets.- It is important to stop using the cling-film after 3 days for the skin to breathe normally. The skin has pretty much renewed itself with the help of the cling-film.- From now on wash and cream as much as you can during the day, anything between 2-4 times daily.- In the next days don’t listen to any advice in bars, or from so called tattoo-experts in your circle of friends.- If there are any questions or problems call and ask US first please.-

To take care of your tattoo for the future use +40 or even +50 Sun-blocker sun screen cream! Best is the stuff from Organic stores which are natural. Try to avoid the big companies that put cancerous ingredients into their suncream! We personally use SPF+50 long sleeve swimwear, which protects me 100% and you don’t need to use sunscreen.