TV appearance in Germany on Pro sieben in 2012.

– TV appearance in Germany on VOX in 2007.

– TV appearance in Germany on SWR in Wilfried Backes ‘Nachtcafe’ in 2002.

-Reinke painted on actors and fake skin for the German Movie ‘TATTOO’ in 2002.

-Reinke was involved in the Hollywood movie ‘NINJA ASSASSIN’ in Berlin in 2009 he worked closely with actor Randall Duk Kim (the Keymaker in the Matrix Reloaded).

-Reinke was part of the identity design of a Paris based Restaurant called MISS KO alongside the legendary designer Philippe Starck and the GBH design group. He designed the bodysuit and tongue design for the restaurant.

– Article in the Economist Magazine with mention of H III from may 2012

– Article in the ‘Japan today’ newspaper on the ‘Tattoo Night’ event at the FCCJP in May 2012

Article in the U.K. Daily Mail newspaper on the Tattoo Night event at the FCCJP in May 2012

Toriaezu  is Tyler Rothmer ‘s webmagazine and he has published an article about our appearance and talk at the Foreign Correspondance Club of Japan last week 22nd of may 2012.

Brand new video by Kofuu-Senju Publications on H III making silk-scroll painting for the ‘KOKORO’ exhibition at Somerset House 2012.

Japanese Tourist Organisation U.K. – article on the Kokoro exhibition at Somerset house

The Guardian U.K. published this H III Video 20.3.2012 to advertise the Somerset house event.

Somerset House H III Kokoro exhibition 21.3.- 1.7.2012

Short Party Video of the Kokoro exhibition opening party. 

Horikitsune gave a pre-recorded interview to the BBC World Today Morning Radio Service which was aired on the 24.3.2012. Unfortunately it completely missed its point to speak about the H III Somerset House exhibition. Note that it was disappointingly cut together to the BBC’s liking. They had all the information to do a decent report about the Kokoro exhibition. Listen to it here scroll into Minute 46.

Here a nice article in London’s ‘Don’t PAnic‘ magazine about the ‘KOKORO’ exhibition and Japanese traditional Irezumi in general.

Emerald street has published a nice little something. The Kokoro exhibition was recommended as the number one activity for this weekend. They have 65000 subscribers. See it here.

Horikitsune had the great honour to be filmed and exhibited as part of the Turkish pavilion at the Venice Biennale 2013, by my friend the documentary artist Ali Kazma. See some still photos below.

Horikitsune tattooed in the Museum of Cultures in Basel Switzerland in May 2014 as part of the Beauty exhibition.

The Shinken Magazine has published an article on Horikitsune, his former master and his son in June 2014. See pics below.

Horikitsune was tattooing in the Museum of Culture in Basel Switzerland in May 2014.

There was a report about Horikitsune in the Jock and Nerds magazine 2014. See article in the pics attached.

Horikitsune will be in a lovely article in the brand new German MANUAL magazine October 2014 will come out soon. With photographs by the one and only Horst Friedrichs