COVID19 update: Total Freedom. No masks if you don’t want them. Unvaccinated and vaccinated welcome. If you have any symptoms or have tested positive don’t come. We are a cash business and until it is illegal we will only take cash. Call if you have questions. Rule No 1 in this shitshow: Don’t Panik!

Thank you!

Please read: This is the general information about Alex Horikitsune Reinke, his work procedure and waiting times.

You have to be at least 21 years old, NOT pregnant, breastfeeding, or high on intoxicating substances to become a wearer of a Horimono-Irezumi Tattoo. No exceptions.orikitsune only tattoos Japanese traditional designs and within Japanese traditional rules of placement on the body as he has been taught by his former master of Yokohama Japan. That includes smaller one-point tattoos, which he do as well, so its not only big tattoos.

He usually tattoos with rotary machines with disposable grips and needles and the street shop and his private studio, including all colours, meet newest EU hygiene regulations. Hand-work with the traditional Japanese Tebori takes a little longer and he only tattoos colour with it and on request.

Horikitsune rarely ever does cover ups or continues unfinished work by other artists, but you can always ask, especially if you had some laser treatment. Since he is ‘stuck’ with tradition, any super special wishes that do not follow traditional Japanese Irezumi rules cannot be fulfilled.

Appointments are usually given 7 days a week for 10AM and 2PM slots.

You should come for a consultation (usually around 5PM weekdays) to speak about your wishes and to take measurements. If that is not possible the master will have to draw on you on the day of your appointment and then tattoo it right away. He has a vast library on the subject of Japanese tattooing which can be used to find your personal and favourite design.

If you come from far away he suggests you come on a Thursday evening for your consultation and then start your tattoo on the Friday and then eventually do some shading or colour on Saturday. This is a very effective way to start and continue but can be very challenging pain wise and he begs you not to underestimate the pain especially on the torso area. More so if it’s your first time getting tattooed. Many people do underestimate and are quiet surprised. Most people come once a month for 2 hours. Others make double or triple appointments in a row over a weekend like suggested above. Usually you need at last 10 days between appointments for healing time and we should make all appointments necessary to start and finish your tattoo throughout the year. These appointments are somewhat flexible and cancellations are possible however please let him know as early as possible.

If you miss an appointment without cancelling at least a day (24h) before you will be charged for 1 hours worth of tattooing.

IMPORTANT:Please always reconfirm your appointment a day before! Especially if you come from abroad! And always make sure you keep him up to date with your mobile number in case you change it!

Please bring:  A towel and your own healing creme, like Bepanthen or Unguento Piovra. We also sell this in the shop.

Please eat something before each session and do NOT take in any alcohol or drugs!

The use of Numbing cream is ok if we talked about it before.

Each appointment is between 1 and 3 hours long, this your choice. After more than 25 years in the tattoo business tattoo master Horikitsune has become very fast in what he does. It always depends on your design, pain resistance, skin type and body size, to figure out an estimate of the total of hours. A traditional Japanese back piece always includes at least half of your buttocks.

He charges per hour and purely for the tattoo time. The consultation, the drawing of your design and all preparation time are included in the hourly rate, which needs to be paid on the day of the tattoo appointment in British pounds sterling, or Euros. 

If this has not answered all of your general questions please let us know.

Please get back to us with your design wishes and an approximate date you would like to start.

You can call during shop hours on: +447904185581 or +442078373960

The best email to book an appointment and ask for rates is:

Horikitsune has currently no long waiting times to start new pieces.

Here are approximate (!) durations to start and finish off:  A backpiece full color and background 35h. A full sleeve&chest 18-20h. 3/4 sleeve&chest 16-18h. Half sleeve&chest 10-12h.