The Holy Fox Tattoos Ltd Street Shop

49 Copenhagen Street

N1 0JH



Call: +44 (0)20 7837 3960


Come visit the shop all week between 11am-6pm. We offer all styles, applied by specialised and professional tattoo artists.

Walk ins welcome on certain days only!

Follow @holyfoxtattoos @holyfoxtattoos_studio @koseipublications @horikitsune on the INSTAGRAM smart phone app to see daily updates.

To specifically contact Alex KŌSEI 狐聖 Reinke – Horikitsune 彫きつね founder of Holy Fox Tattoos Ltd for expert Japanese traditional Horimono, use the following possibilities:

U.K. MOBILE : +44 (0)79 04185581

BRD MOBILE: +49 (0)171 4717487


Best is always to call! Please only write messages with Signal, Telegram, or Threema. Do NOT use WhatsApp, Facebook, or Instagram DM!! Thank you!

How to get to Horikitsune in Germany:

He is in Germany regularly but resides full time in London UK.

You will get instructions once you have your appointments. The location is 30min drive from Frankfurt /Main International Airport, or a 45min train ride via Mainz Train Station. Foreign customers can just fly directly into Frankfurt International airport. Train is best and cheapest. A cab ride might be 85€ for the 30min.

Please note: The other airport “Frankfurt” Hahn is a very different location and at least 1.5 hours drive away. Its hard to get to and from where we are. So we don’t recommend to fly there.

All Mainland European customers with a car can as well drive of course.